The Rams spent $14 million to put an enforcer (Suh) alongside Defensive Player of the Year Aaron Donald to improve their defensive playmaking.

Behind him, their secondary now boasts football’s two most aggressive route-jumping corners. When Suh and Donald collapse pockets, Peters and Talib will have chances to go after rushed throws.

Edge rushing and linebacker. Peters and Talib take chances, but their gambles can backfire if quarterbacks have time to throw. Quinn was dealt to Miami for essentially a fourth-round pick (the used it on center Brian Allen), and no immediate replacement was brought in. With the departure of Connor Barwin, who often aligned on the edge opposite Quinn, the Rams have no proven everydown outside rushers to lean on. Factor in that no proven replacement was acquired for Ogletree (unless you count ex-Chief Ramik Wilson) and you’re left with major questions on pass defense.

Bottom line: Unless the teams in question (Browns, Jets, Bills, Cardinals, Ravens) get good veteran quarterback play and are in the race until the end, chances are, we’ll see Baker Mayfield, Sam Darnold, Josh Allen, Josh Rosen and Lamar Jackson.

One thing that was interesting pre-draft was hearing how highly scouts thought of the Saints’ and Jaguars’ rosters—two teams that came into 2017 without much expected, then had a bunch of young players break out—in explaining that each had the flexibility to move without pushing needs. That’s a reminder that things can change quickly, and those two teams plus the Vikings deserve mention here.

Earlier this month, Traina Thoughts detailed how ESPN’s ratings for Sunday Night Baseball were down big this year despite the network turning over the broadcast to Alex Rodriguez. However, the World Wide Leader is still convinced that what America needs and wants is more A-Rod, despite A-Rod generating no buzz at all this year for his work in the booth.

Here is the beginning of a press release that ESPN sent out yesterday: ESPN’s First Boston Red Sox vs. New York Yankees Sunday Night Baseball Telecast of 2018 on July 1: 2009 World Series Champion Alex Rodriguez to Call His First Red Sox-Yankees Rivalry Game on Sunday Night Baseball.

Of course, a scheme can only be as good as the men executing it. As McVay puts it, The number one thing is, it’s all about the players. All these plays can be cool, but I know this—and I’ve heard Coach [Bill] Belichick say this: Players win games. It’s about putting these guys in the right position.

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